FURNA art & culture is an association based in Linz, Austria, founded by the DARV Collective at the beginning of 2022.

The goals of FURNA are to promote cultural and artistic production and exchange nationally and globally; to foster artistic and cultural discourse about media art, visual and performing arts, and their social integration and impact; to communicate art and culture; and to promote diversity, inclusion and audience participation.

The founders of FURNA work in the field of research and development of interactive, participatory and innovative platforms and experiences in public, virtual or media spaces. Therefore, the conception and production of art and technology applications or projects to support and mediate inclusion processes in the context of social work is one of the priorities.

In the field of education, the members of FURNA are involved in the conception and implementation of alternative and experimental formats.
FURNA collaborates with public and private institutions, universities, groups and individuals, in order to expand an existing network in the country and abroad.

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